3 Things to Do As Soon As You Discover a Source of Asbestos in a Property

If you own an older building, then asbestos may be contained in a number of the building materials, including the floor tiles, insulation, plaster or paint. In addition, asbestos can be found in walls and concrete while a variety of tiles may also potentially contain this hazardous material. As a consequence, if you think you may have discovered any type of asbestos in a property, you must call a removal company in the Perth area. Asbestos fibres have been discovered to be especially dangerous to the human respiratory system while if you want to avoid any potential health issues in the future, you must avoid touching this dangerous material because the fibres can be released into the atmosphere.

  1. Evacuate the premises immediately

One of the most important things that you must do as soon as you discover a source of asbestos in your commercial, residential, industrial or manufacturing facility is to evacuate the premises immediately. The second most important thing you should do is get on the phone and call PRC Building Services because they will be able to remove any asbestos from the building as safely as possible.

  1. Put up a sign

Signage is also essential whenever you discover asbestos, especially so that you can inform other people about the hazards that are present in a particular area. This is essential if you operate a commercial facility, where members of the public may be exposed to asbestos. It is important to inform everybody that uses the area in which you have discovered asbestos, so that they can take precautionary measures.

  1. Never attempt to remove the material

Finally, scientists have discovered that asbestos is a particularly dangerous material which can cause serious health problems if the fibres are ingested into the human respiratory system, especially the lungs. As a consequence, you should be aware to contact a specialist asbestos removal company in Western Australia because they will be able to make sure the task is carried out efficiently and safely.

  • If you discover asbestos in your property, you must evacuate the area immediately
  • Put up warning signs in any area where you have discovered asbestos
  • Never attempt to remove this dangerous material by yourself

Finally, in conclusion if you have discovered any form of asbestos in a property you must be aware that a specialist company in Western Australia will be able to remove this hazardous material, while you should never try to attempt the removal process yourself.

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