3 Reasons to Use a Septic Additive

Not only is a septic system additive part of a smart septic maintenance plan, but it also offers a variety of benefits that can save you money in the long run! From keeping your tank healthier, to preventing backups and more, we recommend using a septic additive for each of our customers.

  1. A septic system additive can help keep your system healthy

If you regularly use anti-bacterial products or flush harsh chemicals down the drain, you may be destroying the “healthy” bacteria needed to break down solids and process waste. An additive contains the right kind of bacteria to help restore balance and keep your tank functioning properly. If your septic system has a history of backups or problems, an additive can help keep things flushing smoothly. By regulating your tank’s bacteria levels, additives break down solids and waste so your tank drains properly and is easy to pump every 2-4 years.

  1. A septic system additive can extend the life of your septic system.

If your system is old or you’re not sure how often it was pumped by previous owners, an additive is a cost-efficient part of any routine maintenance plan. Septic additives can restore the balance in your septic tank so it can continue functioning properly for years to come. A new septic system is a major expense, so an additive like Bio-Active is a cost-effective way to support the system you have.

  1. A septic additive can save you money.

That’s right – keeping your system healthy can save you money on service and repairs. When your system is working as it should, a backup is unlikely and you won’t be charged additional fees for heavy solids disposal during your regular pumping. Not to mention if your old system needs to be replaced, septic additives can help extend the life of your current system until you’re ready to make that investment.

This post was written by Tanner Brown. Tanner is the Owner and operator of Greenbar Excavation. Greenbar Excavation is a fully licensed, insured, and accredited Excavation company based in Prineville, Oregon. Greenbar Excavation is one of the top companies for Septic pumping Bend Oregon. Don’t look further, go with the company with your best interest in mind!


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