How to Store Jewelry Properly

Jewelry is an important accessory. Jewelry can add color to an outfit, dress up casual clothes, or give it a finishing touch.

Jewelry can have a lot more meaning than just its physical appearance. Perhaps you have a special locket from your grandmother that you treasure, a bracelet that you bought on your first trip in Rome, or a ring that your spouse gave you on your anniversary.

To hold sentimental value, your jewelry does not have to be costly. It doesn’t matter if you have a string of beads or one flashy diamond. You need to find the best way to store it. The question is, “How do you store your jewelry?”

We are glad that you asked. This guide will help you find the right home for your jewelry, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Why is jewelry storage important?

Before we get into the various ways of storing jewelry, let’s first discuss the main idea. What is the big deal about jewelry storage?

As with any jewelry, it is important to take care of your jewelry. Jewelry, especially ones made of precious metals and gems, can be delicate. It is delicate and fragile. However, it can also crack, break or snap under extreme conditions such as high humidity and extreme temperatures.

You can also organize your jewelry and easily see what you have. Perhaps you have forgotten about the pair of earrings that you received for graduation, or the matching necklace that you shared with your best friend.

For expert advice on how to store your jewelry, read on.

Take stock of what you have

First, take a look at your jewelry and ask yourself when the last time was. Spend some time going through your jewelry collection and deciding if you have any that you don’t need or want.

Make a few piles. You can make one pile for jewelry you want to keep. This includes your special occasion jewelry, vintage pieces, and sentimental items.

You can place any jewelry that is broken or damaged in the next pile. If you don’t intend to repair them, don’t throw them in the pile. You can add items that are beyond repair to the pile.

You can either donate or pawn your last pile. Maybe you have a beautiful necklace that is no longer in your style or a beautiful gold watch that brings back memories of someone you loved. You might consider donating these items to a second-hand shop or pawn shop or giving them as gifts to someone who will appreciate them.

Separate your jewelry

Did you know that different metals can react with each other, causing tarnish to your jewelry? This is why we recommend that jewelry be separated by material. You can store your silver pieces in one place and your gold pieces another. Keep in mind, however, that diamonds can scratch other gems so make sure you separate them.

Make sure to clean your jewelry

Before storing collectibles such as jewelry, make sure to give them a thorough clean. Your pieces can become dull and tarnished by dirt, grease, and sweat.

The type of jewelry you choose to clean will determine how it is cleaned. If you want to make silver shine, you can use silver polish or soak it with warm water and mild dish soap.

If you are dealing with a pearl necklace, do not soak it. This could cause the string of your favorite pearl to break. Instead, warm water and a little shampoo can be used to gently brush each pearl with a makeup brush.

Your jewelry collection may include many pieces so make sure you do your research and talk to your jeweler about cleaning tips for each piece. After you have restored your pieces to their original beauty, dry them before storing them in any container.

Designate a location

It’s important to determine where you want to store your jewelry before you decide how to properly store it. Because the location will determine what type of storage container you need. Remember that jewelry works best in cool, dark places. Your hot basement or stuffy attic are not good places for jewelry. If you plan to keep your jewelry in the home, don’t store it near any windows that receive direct sunlight.

You want to store your jewelry in your bedroom. Maybe you want to display them. Perhaps you’d like to display them on a shelf or in a jewelry box.

However, you will need a durable, portable storage case if you intend to store them in a closet or storage space for a long-term storage solution.

You might consider a climate controlled unit if you choose storage. These units keep jewelry safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Select Your Container

There are many options for jewelry storage. It might come down to personal preference which storage method you prefer. You might prefer to see your pieces, but you may also prefer them stored in the original containers.

Jewelry Box

The jewelry box is a reliable option. This durable box has fabric-lined dividers that can help you organize your treasured pieces. There are many types of jewelry boxes available. There are many options. Some have multiple levels while others have doors that expand and open. You can choose a simple box or a more elaborate one with intricate wood carvings and painted designs. Or, you can find a delicate one with a ballerina in it.

Jewel Trays

If you need to organize your jewelry in a drawer, jewelry trays are an excellent option. You can store all types of jewelry in separate slots, including rings, watches, necklaces, and earrings. This tray makes it easy to see all your jewelry, so you won’t forget what you have.

Ring Dish

Ring dishes are a great way to store your rings. It’s small and can hold your entire ring collection. Even decorative ones can be found to match your decor.

Travel Case

Are you interested in taking your jewelry with you on the road? You might want to consider taking your jewelry on the road in a special travel case. There are many choices, but the best are soft cases with zippers. These cases often have pockets and slots for earrings, rings and necklaces. You could use a case to store your long-term collection depending on its size.

Original boxes

Your tennis bracelet came in a sturdy, cloth-lined box? It may have been in a sturdy box lined with cloth. If so, why not keep it there? It is best to keep jewelry in its original container so that it doesn’t tarnish.

However, you don’t want to have random boxes on your counter or in your storage area. We recommend that you get a larger container such as a plastic bag with a lid so that all your boxes can be kept in one place.

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